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We have specific working groups for each area of technological transformation: Female Talent, Young Talent and Senior Talent, amongst others.

We create scholarship and mentoring initiatives through the ApadrinaTIC program in collaboration with companies in the ecosystem to facilitate the inclusion of students in technology careers in the labor market.

Companies that take part in the program ApadrinaTIC:

Indra-Minsait / Fortinet / Logicalis / Seidor / T-Systems / Sitep / Parlem / Claranet / Netapp / Ricoh / Babel / Colt / Deutche Telekom / Basetis / Atos

A priority area of action of the Cercle Tecnològic for 2022 has been to encourage gender diversity in the digital sector, so that the presence of women might become increasingly common. In the most recent edition of Barometer, we included specific questions to obtain real indicators of the current situation. The results were cause for concern.

As an organisation that represents a large number of technological enterprises in the field, we strive move forward and involve ourselves in altering the circumstances of the present, with a special mind to the future. Our mission statement defines us as a Meeting Point, Voice of Reference and Revitaliser of Initiatives, which is why the time has come to act.

The DonaTIC Manifesto lays out 6 main principles:

— publication of job posts — hiring interviews — pay gap — professional career — co-responsibility and conciliation — corporate branding and communication

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Through the SeniorTIC program, we offer a space to share experiences and contacts in the Catalan digital environment for professionals with long careers. We advise companies and collaborate with non-profit organizations. If you want to join the program, contact us!

In collaboration with:

Asencat / Escola42 / Barcelona Activa / Adsenior / Outvise / BDT / PIMEC