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We are the leading foundation in the Catalan technology sector. An ecosystem of enterprises and professionals with a common project: to transmit knowledge and drive growth for companies, individuals and society.

We believe in the transformational power of technology, the driving force in the advancement of enterprises and the improvement of human life. 

We bring together enterprises and professionals who share this vision to encourage economic and social development.

We work for a growing ecosystem, with projects to construct Catalonia’s technological future.

companies taking part
attendees at events
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As a foundation, our board of trustees includes organisations and professionals who work together to respond to the technological challenges of Catalonia.
Who is part of the board of trustees?
Member Post Organisation / Enterprise
Joan Ramon Barrera President Private title
Rosa Rodríguez Vice president T-Systems
Xavi Muñoz Secretary Private title
Ginés Alarcón Member Private title
Jordi Alvinyà Member Private title
Josep Canós Member Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya
Miquel Conesa Member COETTIC
Carles Flamerich Member Títol particular
Pedro Linares Member Telecos.cat
Joan Majó Member S. Econòmica Barcelonesa d'Amics del país
Xavier Massa Vocal CISCO
Eduard Marín Member InformaTIC's
Josep Miquel Pique Member Títol particular
Anna Orti Member Indra
Jordi Pericàs Member Private title
Dani Pujol Member GrausTIC
Jordi W. Carnes Member Private title

Along with our general team, we have an executive committee that is responsible for the administration of Cercle Tecnològic projects and activities.
executive council

Bea Abbad

→ Director of Strategy and Communication

Patricia Celma

→ Executive secretary

Sandra Collado

→ Director of Projects and Organisation

Aida Corón

→ Press and Head of MetaData

Héctor Gámez

Tècnic de projectes

Carla Gorina

→ Head of Communications

Oriol Quintana

Tècnic de comunicació i MetaData

Xavier Sellarès

→ General Director

Marc Vilajosana

→ Metadata

Joan Ramon Barrera


Rosa Rodríguez

→ Vice president and T-Systems representative. Patron company

Anna Orti

→ Indra Minsait representative. Patron company

Francesc Bert

→ Technological sector companies

Sonia Cañizares

→ Talent working group. DonaTIC

Pablo Carrillo

→ Private sector commission

Jordi Gili

→ ICT professionals

Rosalba Llorens

→ Sustainability working group

Luis Miguel Martín

→ Private sector commission

Sergio Martínez

→ Talent working group. SeniorTIC

Jordi Meya

→ Talent working group

Cristina Montserrat

→ Technological sector companies

Bernat Palau

→ Studies and knowledge

Susana Prado

→ Talent working group. DonaTIC


Transparency with our collaborators and with society in general is vitally important for the Cercle Tecnològic. Check here for all information on our activity.