03 AI and CLOUD

Artificial intelligence and the cloud, the technologies with the greatest impact

Supply-side companies and demand-side companies with an ICT department value the cloud and services around this technology as the most important, while demand-side companies without an ICT department rank artificial intelligence first as the tools with the most positive impact on business.

Fostering the digital transformation is the public policy that sector firms perceive as having the most impact: 47.1% said it greatly affects their growth and business competitiveness. Talent generation and attraction, a major concern in previous editions of the Barometer, fell this year to become the problem with the lowest impact.

Despite not considering the lack of talent a problem, 80.8% of the companies said they could post higher turnover if the shortfall of qualified professionals was solved.

We run the risk of not effectively shifting these funds to the industrial and institutional sector. 47.2% of the companies said they disagreed that these funds were a positive lever to boost business. EU funding received an average score of 4.3 out of 10.